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Using authentic instruments, clothing, and hairstyles,
The BackBeats transport their audiences on a Magical
Mystery Tour of yesteryear, when the whole world first
heard the four names of John, Paul, George and Ringo.

The BackBeats is proud to be the only Michigan-based Beatles show to have had sponsorship by both of the major classic rock Detroit radio stations (FM 104.3 and FM 94.7) and also by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. In 2009, when The Beatles released their highly anticipated video game "Beatles: RockBand", it was The BackBeats that were hired to represent the band for the release of the game in the Michigan market.

The BackBeats is also the only Michigan-based Beatles group whose members have traveled abroad to perform, including performances in Liverpool, at the famed Cavern Club. Over
the past few years, the band has extended it’s performance locales and can now be seen performing not only throughout Michigan, but in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, California and Canada.

The BackBeats methodology has always been that although no one can deny the importance of recreating the music with
note-for-note accuracy, it’s the presentation of the material, the ability to keep the audiences dancing, clapping, and laughing, that has always made the band stand out amongst the scores of tribute bands around the world.


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